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Become a Spiritual Life Coach (SLC)

Become a Spiritual Life Coach (SLC) 

Transform and Program your Spiritual life with Karmalogist Vijay Batra

  • Non-religious academic spiritual concepts
  • Inner satisfaction and Self-Spiritual elevation
  • Helping others to correct all incorrect daily karma
  • Achieving more spiritual awakening and upliftment
  • Eliminating orthodox belief system of planetary effects
  • Finishing all types of negative energy and evil thoughts
  • Vision to recognize sin-virtue and right wrong of spirituality
  • Getting rid of worldly sorrows and bring peace and happiness
  • Increasing self-confidence, improving relationships, solving problems
  • Eradicating all confusions of sin-virtue with spiritual answers
  • Becoming Spiritual Life Coach (SLC) and generate extra income

Individual Coaching is provided for deeper knowledge of the same

Karmalogist Vijay Batra is a dynamic Spiritual Life Coach (SLC) for various metaphysical Concepts. He is the inventor of spiritual life coaching and his SLC program will help in your spiritual journey. This is also a great opportunity for healers, readers, therapist, Psychics, astrologers, occultists and other practitioners of the spiritual field to upgrade their spiritual skills and knowledge.

For queries and details Call : +91 – 9811677316