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Spiritual Life Coaching by Karmalogist Vijay Batra

Spiritual Life Coaching by Karmalogist

Karmalogist Vijay Batra started Spiritual life coaching in 2004 to educate others and understand self-spiritual level for upliftment and enlightenment of the Soul. This coaching is totally different from all other traditional teachings and orthodox beliefs. It provides answers to all those questions which are still considered unanswerable.

In first hand, coaching by Karmalogist is to improve daily karma which is incorrectly performed because of old beliefs and superstitions and to provide techniques for balancing consequences of past Karma and present Karma by Spiritual logic based methods.

                                                   Maximum people of the world are confused about things like virtue-sin and right-wrong. Superstitions and stereotypical beliefs cause immense emotional harm to the Karma of people. They need the right knowledge to eradicate and counter such beliefs. If you have an interest in spirituality, you must choose logic based spirituality instead of superstitions.

                                                 Each person has a personal soul mission or life purpose. This mission is something you agreed to undertake and learn during this lifetime prior to incarnating. Lessons may include themes such as learning to be compassionate, self-reliant, a leader, or about forgiveness, patience or sharing with others. There is infinite number of such soul growth lessons for us to learn and each of us has our own set of life themes and lessons. To choose your life purpose you need to know a few things logically. You must have knowledge of your religious stage and spiritual achievements.

Karmalogist also assists for self-discovery and growth. He helps to increase self-confidence, improve relationships, solve problems and make better decisions for emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual well-being. He also plays a tremendous part in daily life to remove guilt for all types of mistakes and sins. Karmalogist is contributing to make this world Superstition-free, to get inner peace and happiness at personal and spiritual front. He is transforming your Spiritual life with this breakthrough coaching.

                                                    Karmalogist helps to escape from all superstitions related to astrology and illogical belief of planets and remedies. He is committed to show the right path with natural methods to save time, money and energy which people spend unnecessarily because of wrong guidance in life. Karmalogist explains positive and negative effects for every type of remedy and can be consulted when one is confused, depressed or scared.

Program your Spiritual life with Karmalogist Vijay Batra

  • Eliminate superstitions, orthodox belief system
  • Achieve more spiritual awakening and upliftment
  • Improve daily performed karma for a better life
  • Increase spiritual vision to eradicate fears and limitations

Individual coaching is also available

For more details and queries visit website: