My name is Vijay Batra and I call myself a Karmalogist because I have done deep research on Karmas. I have logical answers of your spiritual queries which you can not know through books and stories. I am the founder of ShunyaPanth, it is a spiritual community and also the chairman of the College of Spiritual Education. I am currently the secretary of the Serve and Care Charitable Society. I am the inventor of Napoo healing, it is a scientific element based therapy for paranormal problems.

In my role as a Karmalogist,  I have helped spread awareness at various levels of society about the orthodox belief systems and superstitions. My many years of experience in this field and the knowledge gained through extensive research conducted in spirituality have helped me in enlightening today’s generation and dispelling various popular myths.

I started developing a keen interest in spiritualism at the very young age of 9 years. Over the years, as I learnt and imbibed the various elements and dimensions of spiritualism, I started doing programs on public platforms such as places of worship and media channels. Many saints and intellectuals have appreciated my knowledge and understanding of spiritualism. The popular religious TV channel Pragya has telecast many of my programs in recent times.

I do deep research on the concepts I talk about and promote. You can find my numerous quotes on almost every media resource including electronic, print and social media such as YouTube. I have written numerous books like: From Zero to Salvation, Wisdom Through Quotes, PretGyan, Guru, Nirakaar se Moksh Tak, Prem Swarth Hai,  Aisa Kyon Hota Hai, RahasyaGyaan, Moksh ka Rahasya, AndhVishvaas aur Aadhyatm etc. some are available online.

I am writer of शून्यसंहिता – ShunyaPanth is representative of the Almighty is a formless or Shunya manner. ShunyaSanhita is an attempt to do away with the various orthodox beliefs and superstitions that adversely affect the thinking processes of people.

I have been providing online and personal counseling to people who are misguided by superstitions and orthodox beliefs since 2004. I help them find the right answers and solutions to worldly and spiritual problems. My rational and accurate advice has helped thousands of people in India and abroad.

My Counseling Areas

Spiritual Counseling : Spiritual Counseling is religion-less concept for logic based wisdom of all spiritual queries.  It is to get and learn something different and unique from legendary books.

Karma Counseling : Karma Counseling is to eradicate all confusions about things like virtue-sin and right-wrong which cause immense emotional harm. It is to improve daily Karmas which are incorrectly performed because of old beliefs

Astro Counseling : Astro Counseling is to escape from all superstitions related to astrology and illogical belief of planets. It shows right path with logical methods to save time, money and energy which people spend unnecessarily because of misguidance.

Personal Counseling : Personal Counseling  is for self-discovery and growth. It is to increase self-confidence, improve relationships, solve problems and make good decisions for emotional, intellectual, physical well-being.

Napoo Counseling : Napoo Counseling is to eradicate ill effects of Evil-Eye, Spell-Casting, Curse, Evil Spirit and all types of Negative Energies according to the current suffering.  This is not based on orthodox methods.

Remedy Counseling :  Remedy Counseling is to explain logical effects of every remedy which is used in daily life in the form of worships, donations, rituals etc. This counseling is not available elsewhere.


I am the founder of the “Serve And Care Charitable Society”. It was established in the year 2009 and works for the well-being of the underprivileged and the elderly in New Delhi, INDIA.

My College :

College of Spiritual Education

Spiritual Education by College of Spiritual Education is not your ordinary and conventional education centre where information is often recycled to students without providing them the real meaning of what they are learning on a day to day basis. Generally, students learn everything by rote in the academic life but here, they get to learn about the real meaning of life and its purpose. The education provided here targets the soul and provides the basis for amazing spiritual awakening which can do wonders to various critical aspects of your life. For better impact, the education and knowledge offered here is in sync with the needs of the global audience. The knowledge provided is not confined to the narrow beliefs and teachings that are offered today by many in the name of spiritual education. Here, you will experience the inner awakening first-hand.

My Foundation

I have started Napoo foundation in 2004 to teach people unique Napoo healing course with the complete knowledge of invisible occult world and logical element  based technique for paranormal problems.

Karmalogist Vijay Batra

Paschim Vihar, New Delhi – 110063, INDIA