Vijay Batra – Spiritual Coach

Namaskar !

My name is Vijay Batra, known as Karmalogist, founder of Shunya Panth and Napoo Foundation. I have done deep research on Karmas and their consequences. I have all answers of your spiritual queries which you can not know through books and stories. I am the founder of ShunyaPanth, it is a spiritual community and currently the secretary of the Serve and Care Charitable Society. I am the inventor of Napoo healing, it is an element based scientific therapy for all paranormal problems.

In my role as a Karmalogist,  I have helped spread awareness at various levels of society about the orthodox belief systems and superstitions. My many years of experience in this field and the knowledge gained through extensive research conducted in spirituality have helped me in enlightening today’s generation and dispelling various popular myths.

I started developing a keen interest in spiritualism at the very young age of 9 years. Over the years, as I learnt and imbibed the various elements and dimensions of spiritualism, I started doing programs on public platforms such as places of worship and media channels. Many saints and intellectuals have appreciated my knowledge and understanding of spiritualism. The popular religious TV channel Pragya has telecast many of my programs in recent times.

I am the author of Shunya-samhita शून्यसंहिता – Shunya Panth is representative of the Almighty is a formless or Shunya manner. Shunya-Samhita is an attempt to do away with the various orthodox beliefs and superstitions that adversely affect the thinking processes of people.

I have been providing online and one-to-one spiritual counseling to people who are misguided by superstitions and orthodox beliefs. I help them find the right answers and solutions to worldly and spiritual problems. My rational and accurate advice has helped thousands of people in India and abroad. I am providing teaching & training for paranormal world as well.

Feel free contact me to upgrade your spiritual level through divine knowledge of formless God and you can also contact me to get rid of any paranormal problems which is affecting your personal life, social life or spiritual life.

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Vijay Batra ‘Karmalogist’

Paschim Vihar, New Delhi – 110063, INDIA